Virginia Beach Traffic Attorney

Traffic offences are serious offences which can be punished with large fines and prison sentences. Our Virginia Beach traffic law firm has intimate local knowledge to cover the streets where the charges are filed and the courts in which they are tried. We represent all our customers by providing them with knowledge of how the system works and striving for the best possible result under all circumstances.

To learn more about what we can do for you, call our law firm today and talk to a friendly member of our legal team, or call the firm today for free advice. We may constantly update the status of your case, review the evidence for illegally obtained or false information related to your allegations, and negotiate with the district attorney’s office to reduce or eliminate the allegations. Our traffic attorneys in Virginia can use their experience to assist you and your client’s needs. We are here to help you navigate a legal system that can be filled with unusual paperwork and complicated legal doctrines.

In Virginia Beach, criminal charges can range from driving a stop sign to reckless driving, which is a serious and potentially criminal offense. The difference is that while there are a variety of traffic offences, each offence is punishable only by a fine, while offences and misdemeanors are criminal charges punishable by a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine of $1,000.

A speeding violation in Virginia Beach is a misdemeanor, as is reckless driving, which is a misdemeanor, according to the Virginia State Police website.

In more serious cases, those involved could face jail time and a permanent criminal record. There are a number of ways these punishments can affect your life. If you cannot afford the fine, or find yourself in a situation where you incur a penalty where your driving privileges are revoked until your fine is paid, you may have to find another way around it.

A traffic lawyer in Virginia Beach can help Drivers from states avoid coming to Virginia to appear in court to answer their allegations. Drivers who live or work outside the state can avoid the costs of appearing in person in court by allowing a lawyer to appear in court on your behalf. Our firm has the local knowledge needed to deliver positive results for clients who may not live in or near the Commonwealth of Virginia, and we have a reputation for handling a wide range of transportation issues in Eastern Virginia. Call our Virginia law firm today to arrange an initial legal consultation. It is important to speak to a traffic attorney in Virginia Beach before you start a traffic incident (see our FAQs) that endangers your driving permits. If you are charged with something that may result in a driving disqualification, talk to a lawyer to avoid these points in the first place.