Richmond Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A speeding offence in Richmond can be very serious, resulting in a ticket for speeding within 20 miles of the speed limit of 80, which can then result in large fines and significant DMV points. In addition to the basic charge for speeding, a charge of reckless driving with the possibility of imprisonment and disqualification can follow. Finally, the accumulation of speed violations can lead to possible DMV disqualifications, which can affect your ability to work, even if you have a CDL and earn a living.

We are pleased to have an experienced speeding advocate in the Richmond area who deals with speeding. If you are facing a charge of reckless driving, we can help you if that is a felony in Richmond. Depending on the facts of the case and your file, our speed ticket attorney in Richmond may negotiate with the district attorney to reduce or dismiss the charge. Learn more and make an appointment with a Virginia speeding attorney today. Contact us to find out more or to discuss a call.

We can also challenge the officer’s testimony and the evidence presented in court and help provide mitigating evidence such as speedometer calibration to reduce or dismiss the matter. We can also use our knowledge of the courts and our knowledge of prosecutors to guide you through the process so that any harm is minimised.

Fines and tickets have been increased for speeding in so-called safety corridors. Speed controls have also been introduced in school and residential areas.

Richmond’s speeding advocate to help those facing reckless driving. Those who move too fast can reduce the matter to an indictment that does not affect their record, or may even get them dismissed.

Next, Richmond’s speeding lawyers will try to negotiate with the officer and the district attorney to get an opportunity to potentially reduce or dismiss the charges. Speed violators will decide whether officials can prove the case and whether they have their radar documentation.

A lot will depend on the handling. In some cases there are other aggravating circumstances. When speeding, several factors always play a role.

You don’t always have to appear before a speed limit, but there are some who do. If you retain legal counsel, you can appear and instruct your attorney to bring the matter to a conclusion. You will earn points with the ticket, which you can pay for in advance. Again, the speed-ticket lawyers in Richmond are using their knowledge of the court to try to minimize their sentence.

The officials won’t enforce that, but they will try to show you’re too fast in Richmond. There are a number of ways officials can enforce the speed limit in the city of Richmond and other cities.

Number one: They will testify that they made an observation and drew the vehicle’s attention to themselves. Secondly, we will testify how they determined the speed and whether it was on radar or PACE. Evidence shows that the radar worked exactly that day and that in our case the speedometer of our vehicle was correct. A speeding violation in Virginia is punishable by a $250 fine and the possibility of six points. The fine increases if the ticket arrives in a so-called “security corridor.” You can typically count on points on your driving licence, which in turn can lead to problems with the DMV and also increase your insurance premiums.