Petersburg Virginia robbery laws

The term robbery is defined as the taking away of goods or property by using force or fear to obtain property of the victim. The presence of victim is mandatory for this crime. Robbery, armed robbery and assault with the intent to rob, are considered as a serious crime in Petersburg Virginia robbery laws. To prove the crime of robbery in Virginia, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant intentionally used the force or intimidation to cause fear. This helps to differentiate between robbery and larceny. The prosecutor must also prove that the victim experience an unlawful injury to him/herself or others or to the property involved at the time of property. The evidence may also include that the property was taken in the victim’s immediate presence as stated in Petersburg Virginia robbery laws. To combat such crimes, it is the responsibility of every individual to follow the laws and regulations given by their state.

Possible Penalties:

Virginia has created two types of robbery, which include first-degree robbery and second-degree robbery. A person is charged with first-degree robbery if the crime is committed in a home, an inhabited dwelling, or the inhabited part of a building or vessel. An individual can also be convicted of first-degree robbery when the victim is a patron and the culprit is using an automated teller machine according to Petersburg Virginia robbery laws. If the offender does not qualify the definitions of first-degree robbery than he or she is charged with second degree robbery.

Robbery is referred to a serious crime, and the convict can be charged with harsh penalties. For the first-degree robbery, the accused can be sentenced to 3, 4 or 6 years of imprisonment. This period of imprisonment can be extended if the robbery takes place in a home or other inhabited dwelling. The extended period ranges from 3, 6 or 9 years of imprisonment. Convict of second-degree robbery is charged with 2, 3 or even five years of imprisonment. The law enforcement agencies ensure that the Petersburg Virginia robbery laws are practiced by every citizen.

Defenses for the accused:

Charging with any criminal activity can negatively affect the life of accused. It is the right of every individual to defend themselves against the allegations. The defender can claim that the crime committed was a mistake of fact, or due to entrapment, duress, etc. The culprit’s age also affects the charges. To build a comprehensive defense process against the penalties that are charged on the accused, a person can appoint a defense lawyer. These lawyers have the complete knowledge about the laws and regulations of the state. They can help to reduce or even dismiss the charges. These defense lawyers can also explore the plea bargain options for their clients. They are client-centric and possess the best skills that help them while negotiating with the jury. They assure that the Petersburg Virginia robbery laws are followed by their clients as well. They make sure that none of the victim is charged with any penalty nor a culprit is set free.