Norfolk Speeding Ticket Lawyer

In Norfolk, speed offences are taken very seriously by law enforcement, prosecutors and magistrates. A Norfolk traffic lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and build your defense so that your charges can be reduced or dismissed altogether.

It is important to have an aggressive advocate for speeding in Norfolk because you need to be on someone’s side in your fight to make sure that you clearly explain your side of the story to the judge and that your voice is heard. Our Norfolk solicitors will stand up for you, no matter how intransigent the official. You will not give in to what is required of your officer’s testimony, and you will do everything in your power to give you the best outcome for your case. We will not give in and fight with you to protect your rights. Call us today to arrange an appointment with an attorney for speeding in Virginia to discuss the case and how to proceed.

This is particularly important when it comes to getting something reduced due to a technicality based on the fact that the officer has done something wrong. This is particularly important in the event of speeding.

In Norfolk, Virginia, there are two categories of speeding violations: speeding and reckless driving. The two most common speeding offences in Norfolk are between $100 and $200.

The difference between a criminal complaint and a traffic violation is that speeding can only affect a person’s ability to drive, while reckless driving is an administrative offence affecting both. The penalty increases with increasing speed, with charges ranging from a simple “traffic violation” to an “administrative offense” when the speed reaches the permissible speed limit. Unlike criminal charges, both are classified as misdemeanors or crimes. What are traffic violations and criminal charges?

Both are punishable by imprisonment, which means that appearing in court is voluntary and not mandatory. This shows that speeding will only be punished as an infringement.

While reckless driving is a criminal offence, it is not a prison sentence. This means that the driver will not have to appear in court and will not be charged.

Since driving privileges are absolutely essential for most people, it is important to look for an experienced Norfolk lawyer for speeding. If someone loses their driving licence, it can affect not only their family, but also their job.

For this reason, it is important to have someone by your side who has done so many times successfully. You want to make sure that your speeding lawyer in Norfolk will help you know what to expect and what your best defence is, and have done so on a number of previous occasions. Both reckless driving and speeding are punishable in Virginia. The difference is that regular speeding is only an offence, while reckless driving is a criminal offence. Reckless driving is not necessarily a speeding offence.

Although each case has its own facts and nuances, an experienced Norfolk speeding lawyer will have a feel for your case based on the specific judge in your local court. You know what this judge does in cases similar to yours and are familiar with the charges in the local courts. Knowing what awaits you, what can help your case, helps you prepare for the fact that if you went to court, you would get the best outcome for your prosecution. Your judge may have a different opinion on how to handle reckless driving.