Is driving without a license a felony in Arlington Virginia

Is driving without a license a felony in Arlington Virginia? Whether driving in Virginia is fine? What are the possible fines and defences you might have to deal with the certain situation? These are the questions that you must understand. From this perspective, you are at the right place since this article explains is driving without a license a felony in Arlington Virginia? To answer this question, this article focuses on providing the guidance regarding the laws, protection, punishment and how to get extra help in areas of driving without licencing.

The simplest answer to the question, is driving without a license a felony in Arlington Virginia?, the Code of Virginia can be reviewed, as it is established in the section 46.2-300 that except those who are explicitly exempted in section 46.2-303, no one shall ride any vehicle on any Commonwealth highway until an application for a driving license is submitted in accordance with this section, and all the tests must be passed as required by this section.

Violation of this section is regarded as the Class 2 misdemeanour, while the subsequent violation of this section is considered as a misdemeanour of Class 1. On a conviction under this section, the court may suspend the driver’s license for more than 90 days. Although it may seem simple, depending on your circumstances, the law can be really complicated by these statements, with the exception of section 46.2-303 to 308.

One of the main exceptions to the proximity of several military bases in Virginia is given under the section 46.2-305, which states that each of the armed forces in the United States will be exempted from licenses in accordance with this chapter they are operating or using official vehicles for said the assigned armed services. Another exception is applied to those who have a license of another state or country. According to the section 46.2-307, a non-resident with an age of over 16 years and 3 months of non-residents require a license that they have in their state or country, and then they are allowed to travel on the Commonwealth roads without the Virginia license. Hence, these are the two main measures of driving without a valid license in Virginia.

However, the case of military or armed force is simple, but the protection of non-residents can be complicated. In some cases, it is easy if you do not have roots in Virginia and you simply travel, but, what if you live in Virginia for a while, can this prove that the Commonwealth? In such case, is driving without a license a felony in Arlington Virginia? In this context, the law in Virginia is very specific for non-residents who make up a permit. If you obtain a valid license from another state or the state where you were arrested, you may have a strong defence at this time, especially if you have not explained the employee your residence.

If the federal authorities claim that your license is not valid because you are suspended, you should still confirm that you have been informed about the certain suspension. If you have no reason to know that your permission is not valid, you should not condemn it by 46.2-300. Therefore, understanding with the laws and regulation is necessary, which can be obtained through professional guidance, so that you can find the answer of the question is driving without a license a felony in Arlington Virginia?