Hanover Virginia Drug Crime Lawyers

Possession of a drug can put a serious charge in Hanover, Virginia. The charges of a drug possession can range from a class 5 felony to a simple misdemeanor. It does not matter what type of charges an individual is facing, it is better to contact a drug crime lawyer to know about the options and to discuss the charges. The experience of a drug crime lawyer will help to guide a convicted individual about the defense of the case which can provide the individual a peace of mind.

There are many drug crimes which are more serious than the other drug crimes in Hanover, Virginia. In drug crimes the only way to understand the seriousness of the charge is by looking at the schedule of the drug. Then there are other factors that can be included with the charge for example the possession of firearms with the drugs, excessive quantity of the substance, multiple drugs or a criminal record.

Law Enforcement

To encounter a drug crime is a priority of the law enforcement agency of Hanover, Virginia but it is not only the duty of the Hanover police department, it is the duty of every state to stop this crime. Police officers are always looking for schedule 1 and 2 substance because these sections include substance like: cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy and heroin. The law enforcement also looks for the substance which is possessed without a valid prescription. The charges for containing a large quantity of the drugs are very serious.


The drug crime lawyer looks for the search, substance, seizure and the stop for building a defense. A strong defense can only be built by covering all the situational and constitutional factor surrounding the charges. If the charges are very serious and it seems to be impossible to win the case, then the drug crime lawyer negotiate with the prosecutor to for an alternate sentencing. There is probation program for the first time offenders of the drug crime in Hanover, Virginia, that gives a chance to complete the program to close the matter for life.


There is an amendment in the constitution which is known as the fourth amendment, which protects each and every single citizen from illegal searches and seizures. This constitution helps the drug crime lawyer when investigating for building a strong defense.

Why Need a Drug Crime Lawyer

Never make a mistake of assuming anything about the drug related charges because these charges are very serious in nature. By making a single mistake these charges will lead to a 20 to 30 year jail time. This is why a person should consult a drug crime lawyer first, because the lawyers is the one who will guide you with your case and will helps in protecting you. It is important for the accused person to contact a drug crime lawyer to help protect the rights and the interests.