Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

Criminal charges are almost always very serious and the consequences of a conviction can be life – changing. That’s why it’s so important to work with a Fairfax criminal lawyer who has behaved and behaved with experience and expertise to change the outcome of your case. Our lawyers are able to represent clients in the following cases, including exemptions from punishment.

A criminal charge of murder is one of the most serious criminal charges anyone can be charged with. As a local resident, it is almost impossible to have a qualified Fairfax, VA criminal lawyer. Public defenders are often overworked, understaffed, and often not available for criminal cases. Our legal team is available to represent any client charged with the following counts. We manage our workload to ensure that our clients are given the utmost attention.

This usually involves a premeditated or preplanned killing of a person resulting in death. If convicted, the defendant could be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for a minimum of 20 years. The criminal lawyer in Fairfax, VA who represents him must prove that he is a criminal who is in fact guilty of first – degree murder and not acting in self – defense. It is possible that the charge could be reduced or dropped altogether, but if it is, the Dunk could face up to 40 years in prison. While the charges are not as serious as first degree murders, there are times when someone is believed to have killed another person in the course of a violent crime, such as robbery or aggravated assault.

There are some first degree offenses that can be as serious as first – degree murder and can carry a life sentence or the death penalty. This category includes willful, premeditated, or pre meditated murder of another person. Consulting with a Fairfax, VA criminal lawyer, you should have a clear idea of the charges. Killing someone for their abduction, or abduction. Murder, kidnapping, rape, sexual assault, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping. If someone kills a person in the course of committing a felony, they can be charged with first- or second – degree murder. Murder, rape, robbery, or committing rape or robbery. There are two types of murder: first- and second – degree murder. Murder, rape, robbery, or committing rape or robbery. First- or Second- degree robbery or murder of a person.

More often than not, a person dies in an avoidable accident. A Fairfax, VA criminal defense attorney can prove that the accident was unavoidable and that he or she acted in self – defense. When did the Dunk intend to kill the man? The Dunk did not act like a man and intended to kill him.