Demerit Point System In Prince William County

It is imperative that you call Prince William’s solicitor and do everything you can to avoid this happening in the first place. Anyone with a license in Virginia is subject to the Uniform Demerit Point System. This is a fine given to drivers with a certain number of points that correspond to certain infringements. If you also receive unearned points, your license may be revoked or suspended and revoked for the remaining 2 years.

The consequence of collecting points too quickly is that someone may have their driving licence revoked. For example, if someone gets 18 points in a year, it is considered ‘too early’ and they have to remove those points from their register and behave well for two years, which means no new convictions for them.

Points cannot be contested. If you feel that you have made a mistake because you have not earned a conviction, you can appeal if you have received the conviction. You can challenge the points that were ultimately caused by your conviction, and you can also challenge all the points you receive after a conviction.

The only way to remove points from driving licences is to take part voluntarily in a driving course offered every two years. Within seconds, you will be able to add 5 positive points to your driving aptitude certificate, which will be reported to the DMV. This happens automatically and there is no hearing.

The other way is a year of good behaviour with no new charges or convictions. This results in one positive point per year.

It is important to speak to a Virginia traffic attorney before you get an indictment or go to trial to prevent it from becoming a conviction that ultimately leads to a point of error that can jeopardize your driving licenses. They can also help you if you face an indictment that could jeopardize your driving license because of points that could stem from the indictment. This is because the overturning of the conviction caused the issues in the first place. If it is too late and you have already received minus points and your driving licenses have been revoked, a Virginia traffic attorney can help you obtain a restricted license so that your privileges are not fully revoked.