Speeding Charges In Loudoun County

While it may seem like a minor offence, speeding can have consequences in some cases, ranging from higher insurance rates to fines and jail time. Therefore, it is important to understand what to expect and to take all necessary steps to minimize the damage. Below, a Loudoun County attorney talks about speeding in Virginia that … Read more

Richmond Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A speeding offence in Richmond can be very serious, resulting in a ticket for speeding within 20 miles of the speed limit of 80, which can then result in large fines and significant DMV points. In addition to the basic charge for speeding, a charge of reckless driving with the possibility of imprisonment and disqualification … Read more

Norfolk Speeding Ticket Lawyer

In Norfolk, speed offences are taken very seriously by law enforcement, prosecutors and magistrates. A Norfolk traffic lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and build your defense so that your charges can be reduced or dismissed altogether. It is important to have an aggressive advocate for speeding in Norfolk because you need to … Read more

Demerit Point System In Prince William County

It is imperative that you call Prince William’s solicitor and do everything you can to avoid this happening in the first place. Anyone with a license in Virginia is subject to the Uniform Demerit Point System. This is a fine given to drivers with a certain number of points that correspond to certain infringements. If … Read more

Petersburg Virginia robbery laws

The term robbery is defined as the taking away of goods or property by using force or fear to obtain property of the victim. The presence of victim is mandatory for this crime. Robbery, armed robbery and assault with the intent to rob, are considered as a serious crime in Petersburg Virginia robbery laws. To … Read more

Mangomery Maryland Child Abuse Laws

In Mangomery Maryland child abuse is a crime that can destroy the life of a child. It is one of the worst nightmares that a child ever faces in his or her life. The children who have faced these situations try to hide everything from their parents, friend and other people around them just to … Read more

Loudoun Virginia Protective Laws

Loudoun Virginia Protective Order Laws A Protective order is a legal document which is issued by the state court. This document is for the person who is abused by another person. Anyone can appeal for this order if they are being abused or harassed by a person. The court will send a notice to the … Read more

Juvenile Felony Charges in Hanover Virginia

Hanover County Juvenile Justice System: The juvenile justice system handles the crimes related to juveniles. The juvenile justice system constitutes its own set of guidelines and litigations to deal with the juveniles. Prosecution of Juvenile in Hanover, VA The court procedure for juveniles is different than adults. If a juvenile that is anyone younger than … Read more

Is driving without a license a felony in Arlington Virginia

Is driving without a license a felony in Arlington Virginia? Whether driving in Virginia is fine? What are the possible fines and defences you might have to deal with the certain situation? These are the questions that you must understand. From this perspective, you are at the right place since this article explains is driving … Read more

Hit and run laws in Petersburg Virginia

In Virginia, leaving the place of the accident “hit and run” is one of the biggest issues. Leaving the place of the accident is mostly referred as the hit and run, and it is the serious criminal offense, which arises out of the failure to stop, provide aid, and provide the important information. The hit … Read more