Colección Tópica Sobre Suplementos Herbarios Naturales según ley Virginia

Suplementos Naturales Aunque están exentos de la regulación de la FDA para nuevos medicamentos en investigación, se ha registrado un número creciente de ensayos clínicos en el Registro de ensayos clínicos basado en la web de los NIH ( para productos a base de hierbas y aditivos alimentarios. Según las leyes estadounidenses existentes, todos los aditivos … Read more

Topical Collection on Herbal and Natural Supplements under law in Virginia

Natural Supplements Although they are exempt from the FDAs regulation for Investigational New Drugs, a growing number of clinical trials have been registered on NIHs Web-based Clinical Trial Registry ( for herbal products and food additives. Under existing U.S. laws, all food additives sold in the United States, including herbal supplements, are regulated under a … Read more

Protección Consumidor Ley Suplementaria Maryland

Protección Consumidor Ley Suplementaria MD Nos complace ver hoy al Dr. Robert Brackett, Director del Centro de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición Aplicada de la FDA; Dr. Paul Coates, Director, División de Suplementos Nutricionales, Institutos Nacionales de Salud; y el Sr. Lee Peeler, Director Asociado de la Oficina de Protección al Consumidor de la Comisión Federal de Comercio, … Read more

Consumer Protection in the Supplement Law in Maryland

Consumer Protection in the Supplement Law in MD We are pleased to see Dr. Robert Brackett, Director of the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition today; Dr. Paul Coates, Director, Division of Nutritional Supplements, National Institutes of Health; and Mr. Lee Peeler, Associate Director of the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection, … Read more

Criminal Lawyers Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Criminal Defense and Dui Attorney If you have been charged with a Virginia Beach crime or suspect that you are under investigation and are on the verge of a crime, you should first contact a Virginia Beach lawyer and a DUI lawyer. While it seems best to simply work with the police and … Read more

Full Custody in VA

J / DR courts are generally user – friendly and have staff to assist claimants without a lawyer at the beginning of the process. They can help with paperwork but cannot provide legal advice. Unmarried parents in Virginia must apply for guardianship in the city or county in which the child lives. However, the issue … Read more

Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

Criminal charges are almost always very serious and the consequences of a conviction can be life – changing. That’s why it’s so important to work with a Fairfax criminal lawyer who has behaved and behaved with experience and expertise to change the outcome of your case. Our lawyers are able to represent clients in the … Read more

DWI Lawyer Fairfax VA

Nevertheless, the prosecution bears the burden of proving its case. A fire alarm charges a significant amount of investigation and examination of evidence that goes into creating an effective defense. Experienced and qualified counsels have many options for effective defenses and strategies. For more than 40 years, we have built a reputation for protecting the … Read more

Brunswick Reckless Driving Lawyer

Brunswick, Virginia, is widely known as a speed trap for careless drivers, especially near Interstate 85 and US Route 58. The speed limit along Interstate 85 through Brunswick County is 70 miles per hour. If someone drives on this route at 81 mph or faster, they can be charged with reckless driving under Virginia law. … Read more

Virginia Beach Traffic Attorney

Traffic offences are serious offences which can be punished with large fines and prison sentences. Our Virginia Beach traffic law firm has intimate local knowledge to cover the streets where the charges are filed and the courts in which they are tried. We represent all our customers by providing them with knowledge of how the … Read more